Kelly Haworth

LGBT Scifi and Fantasy Author

Works in Progress

Under the Empire: an Urban Fantasy Romance series

Magical “eccentrics” and non-magical “normals” coexist in a contemporary not-quite America currently known as the Flavian Empire.  In Frannesburg, an analogue of San Francisco, one of the top universities of the Empire teaches students of all magics, sexualities, genders, and races.  Here, there’s plenty of opportunity to meet new people as you work your way through college, and maybe even find love where you might not expect it.  Each book is a standalone romance following different characters, though the entire series will follow groups of friends as they navigate a few years of college. 


Published: October 2nd 2017 through Riptide Books

Magic & Pairing: Telepathy/Telekinesis, M/M

When Scott finds out he has telepathy, it turns his whole world upside-down.  Good thing he has Nick’s telekinesis to turn him back upright.  It’s not every day the kid of an all-normal family finds out he has magic. Why would the gods have picked him? Nick wants to help Scott navigate this new territory, but on one condition. As Nick teaches Scott about having magic, pious Scott teaches unfocused Nick all about prayer.

Progress: in final edits


Expected Publication: Winter 2018

Magic & Pairing: Normal / Fire Weaving, M/M(trans)

Mark rarely leaves the glow of his video games. But after meeting his neighbor Jamie at a solstice celebration, Mark can’t get the guy’s smile out of his head. Jamie’s transferred to UF for culinary school, to hone his fire and palate, and is reluctant to bring a boyfriend into the mix. But Mark makes him so damn happy, and doesn’t mind that he’s trans. Maybe romance could work, at least, if dark shadows from both their pasts don’t destroy what they’re building together.

Progress: 56k/60k First draft complete!


Expected Publication: Winter 2018/19

Magic & Pairing: Healing/Fire Weaving, M/M

Chase is a glutton for punishment—not just on the soccer field, but also in bed. It helps when you’re a healer. He stumbles upon Devon, a brooding art major who has perfect precision with his fire. There’s just one problem—even though Chase can see how naturally dominant Devon is, Devon doesn’t know a thing about BDSM. Chase is anxious to teach him. But Devon may have some lessons of his own.

Progress: 76k/75k second draft complete

Book Four: PICK HER UP

Expected Publication: Summer 2019

Magic & Pairing: Normal/Telekinesis, F/NB

Alice and Kerry are in their senior year, and are about to celebrate their 6 month anniversary.  So why has it taken Alice four years to decide she doesn’t want to go to law school? Kerry’s beginning to think Alice doesn’t know what she wants. And Alice is questioning Kerry’s motives, and their obsession with shifters, especially when years of protest at the capital finally breaks into riots across the Empire, and Kerry wants in. They both have hit a point where their relationship is testing them, and neither of them know if they’re going to pass.

Progress: Outline Complete, 4k/60k


Expected Publication: 2019-20

Magic & Pairing: Shapeshifting/Healing, Shapeshifting/Normal; NB/F & NB/M

If Riese could only die, he could leave all the mistakes he’s made behind; but to be a shapeshifter is to be not only immortal, but constantly on the run.  His mistakes are catching up, so he flees to the Northern Territory Healing Academy to spend fall semester conducting research with healing graduates, including Arianne, a woman with a very rare form of magic—mental healing. Being around her brings out his feminine side, and when he’s shifted as a woman, their mutual attraction surprises them both. Obviously, this is when the Emperor comes knocking. And the Emperor’s quest for revenge against shapeshifters may be enough to tear the entire Empire apart.

Progress: “first” draft complete; outline of rewrite complete. 140k/210k

Short Stories in the Under the Empire Universe


Expected Publication: TBD

Magic & Pairing: Healing/Normal F/NB

Progress: First draft done at 4k, would like to expand to ~12k


Expected Publication: TBD

Magic & Pairing: Normal/Normal, F/F

Progress: researching/brainstorming


Expected Publication: TBD

Magic & Pairing: Telepathy/Normal, M/F & M(trans)/F (Hint: the main characters are twin telepaths)

Progress: researching/brainstorming


Here’s some other things that I’ve either completed or are WIPs.



Progress: 4k/30k

Stay tuned for info on this novella once it is completed!


Estimated Publication: TBD

A 5k short story prequel to Y Negative, following the boys through a day of school…


(The first novel I ever completed, an all-alien sci-fi drama.  Currently shelved.)

Kaya will soon enter adult life, and with that comes the responsibility of being a hive mother; but when her assigned mate Tkoru teaches her his exceedingly unusual ways, her whole way of life begins to crumble.


Progress: 26k/75k

Absynth is on their first galactic rock tour, and lead singer Sammy is falling apart.  Between the pressure to stay thin and her guitarist coercing her into bed, an alien fan wanting to show her a different life sounds outright appealing.


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