Kelly Haworth

LGBT Scifi and Fantasy Author


~Short Stories~

Strings, Daily Science Fiction (2015)

Dye, Queer Sci Fi’s FLIGHT Anthology (2016), available at Amazon ebook or paperback

Neither Hir Nor Their, Spectrum Lit (2017)

Shedding, in Queer Sci Fi’s RENEWAL Anthology (2017), available at Amazon ebook or paperback



GOTTA CATCH HER, Ninestar Press (April 29, 2019) (Goodreads Link!)
Ann’s favorite post-work past-time is walking her dog, Frannie, and playing Ani-min Move, a fun, creature-filled phone game that gets her out and about in Sacramento. She meets the perfect woman–Rachael–but between Rachael’s son and Ann’s demanding job, can the two of them make it work?

NineStar Press | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo



Y NEGATIVE, Riptide Publishing (2015) (Goodreads link!)
Ember’s just one of the guys, at least that’s what he strives for. Out on an excursion in the wild, he falls for his boss, and soon the danger, and their differences, can’t hold him back. 

~~~Sadly, Out of Print 🙁 You can find some paperbacks on Amazon~~~~


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