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This past weekend I attended Yaoicon in Burlingame. It was my second time going, though would have been more if they hadn’t hosted it in Socal the past few years, and it was a blast. Some of you may have seen my (semi-mediocre) Hatsuharu cosplay, and my friend went as Kyo.

It’s so much fun to cosplay with other people. At the last yaoicon I attended, we went as the Hitachiin twins, and about two years ago one of my other friends and I went as Zuko and Sokka to Sacanime. You feel like you’re a part of something special, or at least I do. Cosplay combines many different elements of creativity, and cosplaying with others brings a level of camaraderie that elevates the entire convention experience.

I really enjoy pretending to be someone else, even if I’m more looking the part than really trying to act it. I enjoy the compliments and people asking to take pictures (who wouldn’t?) and I especially enjoy being surrounded with like-minded people also dressed up. Seriously, what’s not to love about a convention?

I spent a considerable amount of time in the dealer hall, and talked to many of the small publishers and independent artists. There were Dreamspinner Press and Blind Eye Books to name a few, the latter of which I picked up the novel Turnskin by Nicole Kimberling. I haven’t read it yet but am rather excited to. Anything that involves shapeshifters that use their magic for entertainment gets major credit in my eyes. I’ll post a review of that book when I’m done with it!

I learned a lot about graphic novels as well, and got some great advice about starting out. One of the graphic novels I picked up was the first chapter of Starfighter, which has a nice gritty art style that is similar to what I hope to achieve with my own art. And it was super cool seeing a whole troop of people cosplaying as characters from the series, to the extreme delight of the creator. It is incredibly inspiring to imagine someone loving my work enough some day to cosplay it themselves.

Every time I go to a convention, I am reminded why I love going. I love the people, I love the artists, I love the costumes. You’ll see me there again for sure. Maybe one day behind a booth rather than in front of it? Who knows.

So how about you guys? Do any of you have any favorite convention or cosplay stories?

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  1. I wore the scarf as Doctor Who at a Doctor Who con, but got criticized by a sixth Doctor Cosplayer. No problem there. Perhaps I’ll do something at the Folsom Reni-faire coming up.

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