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Some thoughts on watching a child grow.

Nate is 15 months old and officially looks like a kid instead of a baby. The transformation seemed to happen overnight – one day I was watching my chubby-cheeked baby crawl around, and the next day my tall, lean kid was taking his first steps.

It’s astonishing how much he’s grown since he was born. Going forward, his growth rate won’t be as crazy as in that first year, and it really makes me wonder. Doesn’t it hurt? I can vaguely remember getting growing pains when I had my early teen growth spurt, but that hardly compares to doubling your size every few months. It’s no wonder babies can get so miserable. I thought about this a lot when Nate had rough nights, and knowing my comfort eased his pain helped me through the exhaustion.

Right now Nate’s the main person in my life in a state of flux (at least now that our move is over!). All my family and friends are pretty stable – they look the same, act the same, have the same life situation except for the occasional move or job switch. But Nate is constantly changing. His face has changed, his voice has changed, his abilities change and improve every day. It’s like watching evolution at work.

The most interesting thing about this whole business is my limited control over it. Sure I guide and teach Nate when I can, but he’s mostly figuring it all out on his own. There’s a lot less control than when I’m writing, to say the least, though sometimes Riese behaves just as badly. Oh those self-entitled characters. You know what I’m talking about.

Anyways, Nate’s telling his own tale, and I’m going to sit back and enjoy it. At least, until he pulls the cat’s tail, or knocks over a lamp, or throws his sippy cup across the room…

Well, now that the move is over, I hope to get back into the swing of things.  Catch you soon.

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  1. Sweet. Love.

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