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New Year, New Beginnings?


The holidays proved too hectic for me to keep up with posting.  But January is here and with it comes the drive to push forward, to try something new.

This year is potentially going to be amazing.

I have very ambitious plans brewing in the recesses of my mind.  The one that impacts this website may involve some restructuring of the layout.  But I know some of you will like it very much.  I want to start a graphic novel!  Or I guess I should say web comic, as I would want to post the pages weekly on this site.   With each successive volume, I plan to self publish so they can be purchased.

But Kelly, why self-publish?  Aren’t you a bit obsessed with becoming published traditionally?

Well, you see, traditional publishing is stressful.  I really need something that I don’t have to stress about.  I just want to draw and have fun and post it on here without me worrying that once I’ve posted it a publisher won’t take it.

Okay, fine.  What is it going to be about?

Well, Riese of course.  Who else?  I’m rebooting Claudia’s Gift into a graphic novel format, completely rewriting the plot as I go.  I am so excited about starting over.  That novel became derailed from the start as I let Riese pull me through spiraling plotlines that I struggled to thread back together at the end.  I still love the story, but this is an opportunity to bring the story back to its roots, its original purpose.  An Empress greedy for crystalline power.  Amazing magic in a grungy setting.  And, as it’s Riese we’re talking about here, lots of sex, drugs and violence.  No surprise here: this will be R rated.

Sweet!  What are you waiting for?

Heh, getting my drawing skills back up to par for starters.  Then writing a script and storyboard.  Expect the shenanigans to start in a few months.

Until then, Happy New Year!  Go try something new.  Seriously!  Go!


  1. Yay! Yay! I’m so excited to start the adventure over! With pictures! So fun and such a great way to combine your talents.

  2. I considered, am still considering, having my novel be a graphic novel. I don’t trust that I could ink the art, however, so it would have to be in colaberation with an artist. I am going to talk with some people at comic con Sacramento. Go girl!

    • Awesome! I had a hard time convincing myself I am a good enough artist to do my own art. I am still not convinced 🙂 Best of luck finding an artist to work with you! You’ll have to tell me how it goes.

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