Kelly Haworth

Author of Queer Speculative Romance

My Statement Regarding Riptide


For those of you who are familiar with the news in romance publishing, you already know what I’m about to say. For those of you who aren’t, there was an incident involving employees at Riptide Publishing who exhibited unprofessional and discriminatory behavior. Several victims of this behavior came forward in the romance community, and the community has proclaimed its full support of these victims. I and several other authors have chosen to leave Riptide Publishing as a result of this incident.


What does this mean for my published books?

This means that within the next few weeks, I will no longer have any books for sale on Riptide or on Amazon.  My books will all be returned to me, and once they are, I will begin the process of either self-publishing them or finding a new publisher who may want to take them on. I can’t say at this point when they will be available for sale again, or at what state they will be in. But once I have that figured out, I will let you know.


How about the upcoming novella?

The novella will no longer be published at Riptide as well, and I am now on my own to finish editing it and decide where it will go next. Like my already-published works, I have many options and I will be pursuing them over the next several weeks. When I know where this is taking me, I’ll update you.


How about RT?

A few of you know I’m signed up as an author for RT Reno. I will still be attending, but as I won’t have any books for sale at the time of the convention, I will no longer have a table. I still look forward to seeing fellow authors and readers there!


Well this is heavy.

Yeah, it is. And it wasn’t a decision I came to lightly. But it was important to me to make a stand with the many other Riptide authors who decided that this wasn’t okay, and that we support the victims. And especially that we want the publishing industry to see that diversity, inclusivity, and especially people of color—both authors and characters—are incredibly important.


Thank you everyone for your understanding and support.


  1. Let me know if I can help support you when you get the books published again. I’m happy to do any promo!

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