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2017 Writing Progress


Hey everyone!  I have some fun updates for you. Remember last year when I said I wanted to do a “book-in-a-year?” The concept was to entirely finish a draft in a year.  It sounded like a lot, and by month 4 or so I had to stop because of changed priorities.

Turns out I did write a book in a year, but not the one I expected! Read My Mind will be published by Riptide Publishing on October 2nd 2017. It is the first book of the Under the Empire series, 4 college fantasy romances that will be followed by an epic urban fantasy trilogy. My original book-in-a-year title will still be written as the 4th book in this series. But when I realized that I needed to write Read My Mind first, I immediately changed gears and started strategizing.

I finished the first draft of Read My Mind within 5 months, and finished all editing by 10 months. I am so proud of the hard work my editor and I put into this book and so thankful for all the support from my husband and family.

Within the next few months you will see preorder links and cover reveals, and I can’t wait.

Also, I’ve learned a lot while writing this book, and have some future blog posts planned to talk about my writing process and editing process.

Looking forward from here, I am in the research phase for book two of the series, Up In Flames, and I hope to start plotting and drafting by the end of the month.  I aim to get a first draft done in the same 5 month time frame. Now that the world building is more complete, I am hoping this will be even smoother than last time.

Meanwhile, the rest of my life has been hectic but full of love and fun.  My little boy turned 4 this month, and has an amazing imagination. And my baby girl is 1 and has the strength of a bear and is a major trickster. Having two kids is a handful for sure.  I still don’t get to sleep through most nights and my houses is a mess of toys and books. But my husband is a top-notch dad, and the kids love him.

I’d love to hear what you all are up to in the world of reading and writing!  The gods know we need more than the political climate to focus on lately.



  1. That’s really exciting! I’ll be on the lookout for this series!!

  2. Omg so exciting! Can’t wait for the book to come out!

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