Kelly Haworth

Author of Queer Speculative Romance

Dear 2016


Dear 2016,

Hey. How are ya? Yes, I know you’re going to die in less than four days, and there are people all over the planet saying good riddance. And believe me, I have plenty of reasons to tell you to fuck yourself, though not as many reasons as some other folks.  In fact, many want to pretend you never happened and start over. But I want to spend a few moments talking about the good things you did for me, and the goods things I got done.

I think the biggest reason I don’t want a personal do-over of 2016 is because I went through the last 3 months of pregnancy and first 9 months of my daughter’s life this year. My pregnancy went really well, the birth flawless, and wouldn’t want to risk trying that again and have it go not as well. And who on earth would want to relive every moment of the difficulty of having an infant? I love everything about my little girl, and everything about how my little boy has advanced and become his own person this year. I am so grateful my family is happy and healthy.

2016, you were the year I worked endlessly to secure my future. I revised one book, outlined a second, and completely drafted a third. All this year. All during late nights and borrowed time. All with me fighting tooth and nail to prove I am a writer, a career author, even if it’s not my day job. I can work on something big and magical. I can prove that I have stories to tell and that they’re worth telling and that people will enjoy reading them.

This year I got my second book deal. This book could be the beginning of something really big for me, for my life and family. That was a gift from you, 2016, and I don’t intend or squandering it.

2016 was a shit year for a lot of people. There are people all over the world, all over this country, and my friends and family that are scared for their future. But I have seen strength in so many of you. A drive that we are going to fight to make 2017 better, help hold people up, hold people accountable, and not let inequality and injustice become normal.   I’m going to do my part by donating when I can, retweeting marginalized voices, supporting my friends and family with love as much as possible, and in person when my life allows. I love you all too fiercely to let our hard work be in vain.

2016, you’re over, and you won’t ever be forgotten.


  1. Yes! Could not have said it better!

  2. Thank goodness for the good! But I’m ready for a BIGGER AND BETTER 2017.

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