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Book Announcement!



Great news!

I’ve signed with Riptide Publishing for the first book of an Urban Fantasy Romance series!

*dances dances dances*

This is so incredibly amazing. So. This is the same series I’ve been talking about in blog posts and on twitter for the past year or so. Chasing Fire is one of the later books in the series, as is Pick her Up. But our series opener will be READ MY MIND.

Some info:

Expected Publication: October 2017 through Riptide Books

Magic & Pairing: Telepathy/Telekinesis, M/M

When Scott finds out he has telepathy, it turns his whole world upside-down.  Good thing he has Nick’s telekinesis to turn him back upright.  It’s not every day the kid of an all-normal family finds out he has magic. Why would the gods have picked him? Nick wants to help Scott navigate this new territory, but on one condition. As Nick teaches Scott about having magic, pious Scott teaches unfocused Nick all about prayer.

Progress: 7k/65k

This book will be chock full of parables, comic books, and nerdy guys kissing. I am so excited to share this world with you all. The series is called Under the Empire. Here’s a quick premise:

Magical “eccentrics” and non-magical “normals” coexist in a contemporary not-quite America currently known as the Flavian Empire.  In Frannesburg, an analogue of San Francisco, one of the top universities of the Empire teaches students of all magics, sexualities, genders, and races.  Here, there’s plenty of opportunity to meet new people as you work your way through college, and maybe even find love where you might not expect it.  Each book is a standalone romance following different characters, though the entire series will follow groups of friends as they navigate a few years of college. 

So yeah! I have some writing to do! I’ll keep you all updated periodically on my progress. In the meantime, I also hope to do some site redesigning, and I think I need new business cards too! *squees*

Have a great day everyone!

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