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Okay, guys. I’m going to be real with you for a minute—or to be more precise, unrealistic. I have very high hopes for 2016. I’m really hoping it could me “my year”, which given I signed with Riptide and published my first book in 2015, that’s some high hopes indeed for 2016.

There’s going to be some major changes in my personal life in the coming months, namely the wiggly thing in my uterus joining my family. The temperament of this little girl will probably determine hugely whether or not I succeed in my other lofty goals for this year. But that’s all the more reason, as far as I’m concerned, to see what I’m capable of.

First of all, I want to read more in 2016. I’m setting a goal that others may find conservative – 25 books – but for me is going to be quite a challenge with the new baby. On top of keeping up with the queer romance, I have some scifi, fantasy and contemporary books on my TBR.

Second, I want to finish editing and hopefully secure publication for Chasing Fire. Fingers crossed.

Third, I want to outline and fully draft my next book. Yes, you heard me. I want a complete first draft of Pick Her Up (another contemporary fantasy, though this one’s f/nb) by January 1st 2017. And I hope not only to fully outline it before starting, but also to document my progress in a series of blog posts throughout the year. This can serve a dual function of not only keeping me organized and on track with my outlining and writing, but to share what I will learn with fellow writers. You can look forward to those posts hopefully monthly throughout the year.

Fourth, and this one is tied very closely to #2 and #3, I hope to cement my plans for my next several books. I have a mini-universe in the making, with 9 book ideas floating around. If all goes well, these ideas will span the next several years of writing, not even including any other ideas I think up along the way. This is pretty monumental for me—if you would have asked me even 6 months ago if I would have been capable of writing a several-book series, I would have nervously laughed and said someday. Well, someday is now. And I very much want this to happen.

Fifth, I hope to attend two conventions this fall—Yaoicon and GRNW, both in September 2016. With the baby being about 6 months old by then, those will probably be my first trips away from her. I’ll definitely have to wait until later this year to decide if they’re feasible.

And that sums up my 2016 goals, at least regarding my reading and writing life.

End obligatory beginning of year post! Haha. Thanks for reading <3


  1. You can do it!!!

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