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Nanowrimo & What Comes Next


Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been a little quiet following the release of Y NEGATIVE. I’ve actually been doing my best at Nanowrimo, and am thrilled to say that I finished the first draft of a New Adult fantasy romance, CHASING FIRE. It’s a book I’ve been working on now and then for months, throughout all of the Y NEGATIVE revisions, and I had been itching to finish it. What better opportunity than Nanowrimo, right?

I’ve discussed in past blog posts about pantsing versus plotting, and how I’ve traditionally been a pantser. But with how much I’d been faffing about with CHASING FIRE, even though I knew what I wanted the plot to be, I decided I needed to give myself more direction. So I spent a few evenings mapping out the rest of the book scene by scene. All of a sudden I had a roadmap. And honestly? It changed everything.

Now, I’ve never been a super fast writer, so I wasn’t even going to try 50,000 words in November, especially with the holidays, my birthday, and book release. So I thought 30,000 words would be more doable. Well, counting a few days into December, I managed a little over 29,000, and damn does it feel great.

I can’t believe how well plotting worked for me here. Having a direction, knowing what I wanted my next scene to be about at all times, meant I had no excuse. I couldn’t sit at my computer and second-guess the first idea that came into my head, and then the second, etc. Did I second-guess some of the scenes I had planned out? Yes, and I changed a few things around as I went. But having a step-by-step plan drastically reduced my “figure out what’s next” time, and allowed me to be much more efficient with the small amount of writing time I had.

Who knows if plotting will work this well for me next time, but I’m damn happy it worked well for me here. It definitely goes to show you gotta try different strategies to see what works best for you.

So with my WIP done, and with Y NEGATIVE out in the world, I can look at what’s next. Catching up with my TBR pile is a big one. I’m working on that now. And editing CHASING FIRE so I can see about getting it published is next on the list.

I’m almost 6 months pregnant now, so the timer on my free time is running down, and who knows when it’s going to buzz. Near the due date would be nice. I’d like to avoid the stressful situation of another preemie.

Anyways, that’s what’s up with me. How are you all doing?

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