Kelly Haworth

Author of Queer Speculative Romance

Getting Ready / Featured Author!


I’m Riptide’s featured author for November!  You can read a short interview I did for them about my writing and what sorts of things I hope to write in the future here.

But really, guys.  Y Negative is out in two weeks and I’m starting to feel the pressure!  Riptide will have a blog tour (that I’ll probably link to on my published works page once it’s up) and I recently did an interview with HEA at USA Today about the book (you can check that out here).  I also have a few other things up my sleeve I’ll be able to share with you after the release.

In the meantime, I’ve got friends and family stirring excitement over the release, and some lovely friends on twitter that are sharing their excitement as well.  It makes me feel so darn thankful that so many are looking forward to Y Negative.  I truly hope you all enjoy the book!

In other news, I’m still hard(ly) at work on my next book.  My goal is to have a draft complete, cleaned up, and ready for beta reading by the beginning of 2016.  I can DO this!  No more 4 year cycles please!  Haha.

Hope you all had a spooky Halloween weekend!

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