Kelly Haworth

Author of Queer Speculative Romance

Queer Romance Month


Hey guys!

I have the very special honor of being a part of Queer Romance Month this year.  It’s a movement devoted to celebrating the subgenre of LGBTQIA romance authors and books.


You can click the logo above to check out their website.  They’ll be posting 2-3 blogs a day with everything from book reviews to personal stories to flash fiction. You’ll be able to check out my little post later this month.

QRM will also be sharing audio clips of queer romance books read by their authors.  I’ve also contributed to that, and I’ll let you know when mine is up!  It includes a page of Y Negative from a few chapters after the current excerpt posted on Riptide’s website.

And if you want to know a little bit more about what QRM is all about, there’s a great article posted by one of the QRM creators over at The Mary Sue here.

Thanks for reading and I hope to catch you reading the rainbow!

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