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News and a Question


I have some exciting news. I will officially become a published author! Daily Science Fiction has accepted a short story I wrote late last year called “Strings” and it should be out on their website some time in 2015. When I know more details, I’ll be sure to pass them on! Until then, check out DSF’s awesome flash fiction at

Now on to my question. I posed this on twitter the other day and hope to reach more of my friends here.
I am in the process of converting part of a novel to a short story. It is a mostly-abandoned novel I started six years ago set in a completely alien landscape with completely alien protagonists. So careful word building is critical in this shorter context. But the main item I need advice on is how to convert the plot. Should I pick one story-arch and try to cut it to the appropriate size? Should I touch on many things and try to paint a bigger picture (this is the structure of “strings” so I am currently pretty fond of it)? Should I try something else entirely and cut a new plot out of the existing world and characters?

What would you do faced with the task of converting a novel to a short story? Have you done this before? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks so much all.

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