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I don’t know about you guys, but Nanowrimo is sort of the bane of my existence. It’s such a cool concept that I have completely failed to succeed in. Part of the reason is the horrible month that was chosen for this novel-writing endeavor. Who has enough time the week of thanksgiving to write 1667 words a day? Almost any other month besides December would probably be better. Oh and not January because you’re too busy in December to do all your prep work.

Of course, many people finish nano every year because they have better organizational skills or better discipline or just plain better luck. Or none of the above. It doesn’t make you less of a writer if you can’t write 50,000 words in a month. It doesn’t make you more of a writer if you can. It just is, and I find the whole concept of nanowrimo very interesting.

Two years ago I attempted nano and got 25k in 15 days. So I know I have it in me. Of course I stopped there, but that’s because of life. This time around I am not even shooting for such a lofty word count. I just want to write. Every day if possible, or as much as I can manage. We’re 9 days in and I’ve written 7 of them, at least 250 words. I’m happy with that. I’m making progress. And there’s been lovely people on twitter that have such kind, encouraging words every day for those participating in nano (and just for writers in general) that I have loved reading to keep me motivated.

Whatever writing goal you have set for yourself this month or any other time of the year, I’m rooting for you. Getting words on the page is a glorious accomplishment in itself, and for those of you who have finished a novel, you have succeeded in something amazing. That we can manipulate language to share part of our minds with others is an incredible thing.  If you read something of mine and it’s made you feel something, I’ve done my job. That’s all I can ever hope to do as a writer. Teach people to empathize. Share a piece of myself. Hope someone understands.

Happy writing, everyone.

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  1. Completely understand. I took Nano off this year and have never won, but I still write every day. Published author Mur Lafferty has gotten book deals and hasn’t won Nano. She tries often but it hasn’t worked out for 50k. Still, she is very encouraging, with her podcast, sounding a lot like you here. Someday I will make Nano my

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