Kelly Haworth

Author of Queer Speculative Romance

A bit about myself.


Finally, I’ve set up my own website and started a blog!

I “blogged” on DeviantArt for years, but this is my first time taking it all a step toward personalized and professional.  I want to carve a little space that’s all mine in this wide, wild internet.  So here I am.

I grew up in San Francisco, and with my passion for reading (Animorphs, anyone?  And before that, American Girls) came a passion for writing.  My first attempt at a novel was a historical fantasy written when I was twelve.  Needless to say I never finished it, but it got the writer roots burrowing into me.  After writing some short stories, and especially after reading McCarthy’s The Border Trilogy, I started my first serious novel, the all-alien drama Sapphires, at sixteen.  I finished it when I was twenty-two.  Hey: high school, moving a few times, and getting two bachelors degrees takes a lot of time out of your life.  I think six years for a first novel isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things.  And don’t worry, I’ve become much, much faster at writing.

Presently, I’m a Project Manager at a lab in Sacramento.  I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, Brian, for three years.  We had our first baby back in May, a beautiful bouncing boy named Nathaniel.  I recently finished the final draft of my third novel, the post-apocalyptic genderbender Y Negative, and submitted it to a contest.  I knew being a mother would be challenging, but also working full time and trying to maintain a writing career as well?  Hahaha yeah, I don’t need sleep, right?

I look forward to sharing some of my thoughts on writing, society, art, and life in general with you all.

Thanks for reading <3

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